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Evening of Bhakti with Lori Love

September 29th 7-9pm

Join us for an intimate evening of tea, music, and love.

Lori Love is a sacred mantra singer and musician, inspirational teacher, healer, medicine woman, and devoted Bhakti - dedicated to the path of Love and Devotion. Her soul pours through her music inspired by the Native American, Eastern Indian, Celtic and Spanish traditions, as well as her own follk-inspired sound that has been called "Sweetgrass Love Medicine". She shares sacred songs, mantras, chants, and prayers in Kirtans, in Yoga, in Spiritual Gatherings, in Healing Sessions, in Nature, and in Life! She has played music since the age of 4 and was classically trained in piano. She has sung with several world renowned artists such as Girish, David Newman, Bhakti Messenger, Blue Spirit Wheel, Luna Kristin Ray, and Wynne Paris, and has been a founding member of Bhakti Rhythms, Blue Lotus, and Lotus Rising. Her instruments include guitar, dulcimer, harmonium, and hand-drum-at times you may find yourself in deep meditation and other times singing along or perhaps even dancing.

Tickets $7 (cash at the door)