Wildflower Tea Shop & Apothecary is Chattanooga's premier tea and herb shop. Featuring a wide variety of organic and biodynamic teas and herbal tisanes-to sit and enjoy with us or to take home. You'll also find bulk herbs, essential oils, flower essences and locally and regionally made herbal products. Come revel in the world of healing botanicals! 

Full Moon Drum Wisdom Sound Circle

Thursday June 28th


Under the Full Moon in June, join Karen Renée, founder of Frame Drum Wisdom and Michelle Rigling of Celebrate Your Existence for an evening of sacred ceremony, sounding, drumming and communing together for release and renewal.

Your voice and heartbeat are needed in the Great Symphony of Life. Come play with the power of sound and express your unique rhythms in a fun, easy, supportive circle. Whether strangers, old friends, or recent connections, we'll gather in community to heal through sound, beat, and song. It’s primal. We all know how to do it; we just need a safe place to explore and remember. You will be altered in meaningful and memorable ways.

Frame drums and other percussive instruments provided. Bring your own drum if you'd like. No musical experience necessary. Frame drum singing and sound vibration massage techniques will also be shared

Frame Drum Wisdom's mission is to put the power of sound vibration back into the voices, hands, hearts and bodies of all human beings. Come and be lifted up! You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and celebrating your life. 

Karen Renée Robb, founder of Frame Drum Wisdom, is a vocal and visual artist and healer with over 25 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for sound, creativity, and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm and creative expression through the use of the frame drum. She is also the founder of The Music City Alliance for Sound & Music Healing, a Reiki Master Teacher, Circle Facilitator and a Universal Life Minister. For more information visit www.framedrumwisdom.com

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Intuitive Tea Blending

Join Asheville based herbalist, Graham Wesley of Root Deep Living for Intuitive Tea Blending. This two-hour class integrates a basic introduction to the craft of herbal tea blending, defining types of ingredients (leaves, flowers, berries, barks, and roots), types of extraction (infusions and decoctions, sun and moon teas), safety precautions and contraindications, and traditional and modern materia medica for seven delicious tea herbs.

Lemon balm . Chamomile. Hawthorn. Tulsi. Turmeric. Ginger. Nettle.

Learn the basics of tea blending. Experience guided meditation and embodied resources to tap into your intuition. We’ll discuss what it means to embody our intuition; how mind, body, and spirit are connected in our intuitive practice; what to listen for when blending teas; and how to trust our medicine. You’ll create your own tea blend based not just for flavor or researched benefits but deep connection with self, with the spirit of the plants, and with the deep wisdom present with us in intimate connection.

When: Monday July 2nd 6-8pm

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