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We hold space for connection to self, others and nature… all made possible by a simple cup of tea. Practically speaking, we both serve and retail more than 100 varieties of organic, natural teas (no pesticides or artificial flavors for us!) We offer a beautiful, tranquil space for you to sip your tea surrounded by natural light, plentiful plants and one of a kind vintage furnishings. Think of us as the urban retreat that you can escape to anytime!


Our Founder

Hillary Libby

Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Holistic Health Coach and Herbalist


Hillary has been a student of holistic health and healing for the last 15 years. What started as a genuine curiosity into the depths of the practice of yoga led her into the study of nutrition, meditation, herbalism and Ayurveda. The idea that we are complex beings with bodies, thoughts, emotions and souls that are all interconnected informs her work to help others realize their happiest and healthiest lives. Sometimes that work looks like helping someone choose the perfect cup of tea for that particular moment, teaching yoga postures and breathing techniques, providing guidance in lifestyle practices that support health and vitality or perhaps just being there to listen. Hillary founded Wildflower Tea Shop & Apothecary to be a sanctuary in the city where the intention of connection and healing are infused into every detail.

Find Hillary blending up tea concoctions at the shop or teaching yoga and workshops at Yoga Landing.


Our Team


Mariah Watson

Mariah embodies the atmosphere of health and creativity that Wildflower is known for. In her work as a Health Coach, she coaches with clients individually and teaches classes on a range of topics including nutrition, herbalism, essential oils, and women’s health. She received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014. She is passionate about teaching others to utilize the natural world as medicine and how to lead a healthier and happier life through mindful cooking, eating, and living. As someone with several years of personal study in herbalism (both Chinese and Western), she is excited to share that knowledge over a cup of tea with others.

Outside of Wildflower, her hobbies include pottery, fiber arts, spring water foraging, spending time in nature & sunlight, yoga, and cooking healing foods.


Elise Dudley

Elise loves to make good tea. Her favorite teas to sip are African Elixir (in Latte form please!), Moonflower Oolong, or Peace Blend. Her favorite tea to perfect the art of making is Matcha. Tea and herbs offer a beautiful way to connect with each other, with nature and our ancestry (her Grandmother was an herbalist!). She believes we have more in common with each other than differences-and a cup of tea shared often is the bridge to that connection.

Elise lives on a 27’ sailboat and finds freedom in simplicity. Simple living, high thinking. Disconnect to connect.

When she’s not at the tea shop she’s on a trail in the woods, paddling on the river, weaving in the Zen Den, or flipping pages in a book



Haley is one of the founding team members at Wildflower, she helped open the shop and now helps manage it. She is one of the most compassionate, empathetic souls you will encounter. Tell her what’s on your mind and heart and she will help you choose the perfect cup of tea or other remedy to support you along your day. Haley is a wonderfully intuitive herbalist, having completed herbalism programs at BotanoLogos Shcool of Herbal Studies and Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. Outside of Wildflower, Haley enjoys hiking, thrifting and photography.


Kelsey Porter

Kelsey believes there is such depth and richness in tea, from the healing aspects, to the space that it creates for connection, to the historical and cultural relevance, and of course the deliciousness of the leaves. She feels that the ritual of having tea provides space for connection with self, with others, and with the plants themselves. She finds it wonderful there is an herbal remedy for almost anything that ails you. She feels there is a special connection to the planet when we drink flowers to soothe both our souls and our bodies, as well as an inner beauty that is attained when we do something kind for ourselves. Kelsey’s other interests include art, vintage-inspired fashion, floral design, aesthetics, photography, creative direction, and interior design. Kelsey loves that Wildflower is a place that provides space for and brings together a community that is grounded in holistic healing and intentional living.