Flower Artistry with Saree

Flower Artistry with Saree


Flowers, grasses, branches, seedpods, berries and vines are unapologetic in the way they grow.  Vines climb up walls and engulf buildings, branches twist and turn in seemingly non sensical ways, and flower stems squiggle in every which direction.  Join Saree Michelle, floral designer and artist, for a 2.5 hour workshop where we learn the art of arranging flowers in a way that honors nature’s untamed loveliness.  A far departure from the traditional method of tight and contrived arrangements, you will learn to create intuitive works of art that are organic yet thoughtful, kinetic yet refined, and wild yet intentional.  We will be utilizing foraged materials collected from our local surroundings and learning how to create sculptural pieces that are unique and impactful.  This is a time to tap into your innate creativity, revel in nature’s beauty, connect with creatives in your local community and sip on some soul soothing, flowery tea while you do it. Leave with an arrangement in hand, a vessel to keep, and more confidence in your flower arranging abilities.

Sunday March 24th 9-11:30am

Investment: $50

*No refunds

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