Intuitive Tea Blending

Intuitive Tea Blending


Join Asheville based herbalist, Graham Wesley of Root Deep Living for Intuitive Tea Blending. This two-hour class integrates a basic introduction to the craft of herbal tea blending, defining types of ingredients (leaves, flowers, berries, barks, and roots), types of extraction (infusions and decoctions, sun and moon teas), safety precautions and contraindications, and traditional and modern materia medica for seven delicious tea herbs.

Lemon balm . Chamomile. Hawthorn. Tulsi. Turmeric. Ginger. Nettle.

Learn the basics of tea blending. Experience guided meditation and embodied resources to tap into your intuition. We’ll discuss what it means to embody our intuition; how mind, body, and spirit are connected in our intuitive practice; what to listen for when blending teas; and how to trust our medicine. You’ll create your own tea blend based not just for flavor or researched benefits but deep connection with self, with the spirit of the plants, and with the deep wisdom present with us in intimate connection.

When: Monday July 2nd 6-8pm

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