Steeping Wellness-Forgiveness & Freedom

Steeping Wellness-Forgiveness & Freedom


Steeping Wellness Series

By definition, to Steep is to surround or fill with a quality or influence. While pursuing a state of good health, or Wellness, we become acutely aware of how our habits, thoughts, and practices infuse our days and either do ~ or do not ~ support our well-being.  Much like a pouch of herbs soaks in water to extract the flavor and medicinal qualities, we will use this series of contemplative practices, creative exploration, and self-expression to Steep ourselves in various aspects of Wellness, a practice which will enrich our daily lives.

Each session will feature a unique blend of tea from Wildflower, gentle yoga practices, and creative expression exploring particular aspects of wellness like gratitude and appreciation, wholeness, mindful presence, patience, release and happiness. Come develop personal practices to continue Steeping Wellness in all areas of life throughout the month.

Join for any one session or all three. 

Thursday November 9 6-8pm Daily Appreciation

Monday Dec 11 6-8pm Practice Presence

Thursday Jan 11  6-8pm Forgiveness & Freedom 

$40 per session 

space is limited to keep the group intimate – reserve your spot

Questions ? email Maggie White @

Maggie moves wholeheartedly in the direction of body, mind & spirit Wellness. As a wild at heart athlete and spiritual explorer, Maggie prioritizes self-disciple, curiosity, and radical honesty, as well as her true love of immersing in nature. As a formal student of yoga for 15 years, her diverse offerings include designing wellness and mindfulness curriculum for high school students, facilitating yoga workshops and trainings, as well as curating transformational experiences and retreats in self-development, nature-based education, and engaged living practices for wellness of mind, body, and spirit.


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