holding space, that’s what we do.

Wildflower was created to be a unique sanctuary in the city, a place to escape, a place of calm and respite. It’s amazing to watch what can unfold when we truly give ourselves space, and a cup or pot of tea provides the perfect companion. Perhaps it’s diving into a good book, pouring your heart out in a journal, creating art or having a real human to human conversation that you’d like to have with your tea. Come sit among plentiful plants, cozy vintage furnishings and century-plus aged brick and tile…all bathed in magical sunlight. There’s nowhere quite like Wildflower. Come be our guest and feel a little better when you leave than when you walked in!


We host a variety of events and workshops that foster our intentions of deep connection and healing.

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Looking for a unique setting to host your next event?

Allow us to work our magic!

We can provide the space as well as teas specially selected and brewed to suit your vision. Contact us for more information.

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